I am no longer an undergraduate





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I’m officially done with school now that results are out. The last 20 months has been filled with challenges, but the good news is that I’ve weathered all of them and am graduating with distinction.

I feel truly blessed.


Life after exams.

Exams have been over for a good 3 weeks now. After having a well-deserved rest after the 20-month struggle, I’m back at work in full force.

I must say that my life now as an insurance sales manager at UOB is no easy feat but I’m very heartened to know that I’m working with a leader who steers the team in the right direction and motivates us to give our best and fights for and together with us.

Shall take this time to affirm my goal of promotion come December. Will fight with all my might from May to November. To all my loyal clients and those I’ve newly acquired, and those who place their trust in me, I won’t disappoint you.


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If you haven’t heard, Spotify has reached our shores! Spotify is an online music streaming service that you can access anywhere with your mobile devices. One may ask, what difference is there, using this compared to the good old-fashioned iTunes? Likely objections – first off, at S$9.90 a month that is by no measure cheap. Secondly, this service is not for you if you don’t have a WiFi connection at home or a stable data network (my music skips and pauses involuntarily when I’m on Starhub LTE; no problem on SingTel LTE though). I’ll leave shitty telcos to another post.

I’ve been using Spotify for almost a week now and I must say I really enjoy it a lot.

1. Support originals

It’s quite a pain to have to visit a CD shop these days to find an album, sample it, and queue up to part with my money. The chore doesn’t end there – I have to rip it, import it onto iTunes and then sync it to my phone. It’s much easier to key in 16 digits of my credit card, expiry date and start buying music. iTunes isn’t cheap either – it costs an average of $1.28 per track. For $9.90, you can only purchase 7.7 tracks a month. For $9.90, you get to access millions of songs on Spotify. That’s a lot of bang for 10 bucks, if you ask me.

2. Playlists

Build your own playlists from the millions of songs available online. I create a playlist on my Mac and it’s instantaneously available on my iPhone 5, HTC One, iPad, Toshiba. Can’t be bothered to build a playlist? Simple follow someone else’s lists. Have a friend whose music taste is similar to yours? Follow his playlists! Like an artist for her work and want to be updated once she releases a single? Follow her!

3. Radio

Well, any music streaming service will be incomplete without a radio option. I have TuneIn Pro on my Android so I usually use that to access Internet radio around the globe. Spotify, however, takes the concept of radio a step further by constructing a radio station based on a current song you’re listening to!

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Pretty impressive in my opinion.

4. Sociability

Social media is integral to many services these days. Find friends, follow them and share what you’re listening to on your Facebook. You’d be surprised that some of your very decent, geeky-looking friend is into trance/house or even Korean Pop. Trust me, my jaw dropped when I saw ASOT and Avicii on my friend’s playlist.

Have a special message you want to send to someone? Construct a playlist of sweet nothings and then send it his or her way!

5. Collection

I need to re-emphasise on how extensive Spotify’s collection is! Unless you listen to Tibetan hymnals, I’m quite sure you can find what you listen to.

Paying $9.90 a month to have access to any music I want anywhere and be able to download them onto my device in high quality?



Just a little tip for everyone out there, you can get a free trial! Download Spotify on your mobile device and sign in using your Facebook for a free 48-hour trial. After that, register your credit/debit card for another free 30-day trial. 32 days for free? Why are you still here reading this?

Exams are over, for good!


Exams are finally over! Sat for my last paper of my undergrad life and walked out with that “HELL YEAH!” face. Please refer to photo above.

Finally my life can return to normalcy – more time for family, work, friends, gym, swim, run, you get the drift.

Major apologies for this really long hiatus as I haven’t found any inspiration to write. On a related note, I’m already toying with some post grad ideas but before that, let’s take a short break from academia.

THE Glenlivet Pioneering Spirit

So in April, Glenlivet threw a little party to launch The Glenlivet Pioneering Spirit. There’s no better fit than home-grown Azimuth to be featured at the event. (I’m sorry this took forever!)





Astronomy, Navigation . the arc of the horizon measured clockwise from the south point, in astronomy, or from the north point, in navigation, to the point where a vertical circle through a given heavenly body intersects the horizon.


Surveying, Gunnery . the angle of horizontal deviation,measured clockwise, of a bearing from a standard direction,as from north or south.

Azimuth enjoys its success today largely due to its focus on direction, shared director Alvin Lye.

Here’s an Azimuth Ambassador demonstrating how the “gear” works underneath that fancy face of a premium watch. Imagine that pair of hands resized to 1/10000th the size you see. That’s the kind of precision and accuracy demanded of making a watch that’s doubtlessly paramount.
And more beautiful faces on display. The mother of pearl is a beauty there!
No event is complete without delectable food. Flutes @ Fort Canning dished out bite-sized canapes to compliment the single malt that was flowing around freely. My favorite is this wild mushroom canape.
You know you’re in for a treat when a single malt powerhouse throws an event like this one. One sip of The Glenlivet XXV (25 years, duh!) and I’m in love. I still hold on to the believe that it’s best enjoyed with equal proportion of water and one large, slow-melting ice cube.
So with a stomach filled with premium pours and canapes, I leave Flutes inspired. To be truly stellar in all we do – we need to have a direction and stay focussed with the endpoint in mind.

Top 10 on Sam’s Android.

Million apologies for the hiatus on this space! My mid terms are killing me and I finally have time to sit at my desk and cook up stuff here! I’ve come to notice that a lot of my friends have converted from iOS/Symbian to Android of late and decided to come up with…

Sam’s Top 10 MUST-HAVE Apps on Android!

First of all, I’m not sure if any of these apps have any minimum system requirements. Most of you should be running Ice Cream Sandwich on your devices or at least Gingerbread (you know it’s time to switch if you’re not on either!). Feel free to drop me a comment/personal message and I’ll gladly tell you why you should get a HTC One X instead of a Samsung Galaxy S3. My experience with Samsung has been exasperating and time-consuming but that story is for another day. Note: replies will be intermittent because I’m working on my term essay which is due in July!

Got an Android and not sure where to start?


1. Smart Rotator

Wish your phone knew when you wanted the screen to pan to landscape and when to stay in portrait (reading while lying down in bed?) With Smart Rotator, you can choose which apps are restricted to landscape, what *ahem* stays up (no, not those two apps) and the rest, flexible.

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